Welcome to our blog! This is our platform to showcase our amateur film-photography, our tasty coffees, food we have created, and our homemade beeswax wraps.

Over the last crazy year because of COVID-19 we have spent a lot of time adventuring and taking film photos of those adventures. Some adventures include a 10-day sea kayak trip in Clayoquot Sound, numerous hikes in Whistler, and endless baking (luckily we had flour in the spring!). The biggest adventure happened in August when we drove from Nova Scotia to British Columbia to move all of our belongings from the East Coast of Canada to the West Coast. We did as much as we could while being safe regarding the ongoing pandemic. Entering the Atlantic bubble was difficult, but with a special exemption letter we were able to gather our belongings and get some bagels in 24 hours. In Quebec we saw some friends, stopped in Quebec City and Montreal, and saw a great sunset in La Pocatiere. Ontario was lovely as well, especially Northwestern Ontario through Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay had a great coffee shop in an old church (The Habit) with big tables – perfect for playing Bananagrams! We hiked in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park and saw a great view of Lake Superior. Next, we experienced some FLAT roads in the prairies, saw many cows, and went to sand dunes throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Eventually we made it to the mountains! Some highlights include a GREAT burrito from Spicy Amigos YYC (where this name actually originated from), did many incredible hikes in Banff, Canmore, and Jasper, and saw some neat wildlife (mountain goats, mountain sheep, and elk). Last part of the trip was to North Vancouver but not without a stop in Wells Grey Provincial Park and Kamloops!

This blog will showcase film-photos from some of those adventures, but also from ones we have done since then. Since being back in North Vancouver, both of us have been completing our final year at Dalhousie University via the internet! But doing so have been able to drink many tasty coffees, make some great food, experiment with making beeswax wraps, and starting this blog!

We hope you enjoy our content and we look forward to creating it!

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