Jan 16, 2021: Vancouver City Day!

A recap of today! We walked to the Lonsdale Quay to take the seabus into Vancouver so we could venture to Nelson the Seagull cafe in Gastown. It was a cute cafe with ceramic tile floors, high ceilings, big tables, old school chairs, and GREAT coffee! Plus the logo is a seagull…so how much better can it get?! I got an iced latte and Nathan got a normal hot latte. The entire time we were thinking how awesome of a spot this would be to drink coffee and study. 

After we left Nelson the Seagull, we walked to The Birds and the Beets to get some lunch. Lunch included a chicken pita full of hummus, tzatziki, spinach, red peppers, pickled onions, and lots of chicken! Nathan had a miso barley bowl which had a bunch of barley, a poached egg, pickles, pickled cabbage, and squash – also very tasty. This cafe had sparkling water on tap over top of a planter so the plants could be watered if any extra watered spilled – smart! The interior of the cafe was lovely. It had exposed brick walls, exposed cement walls, A LOT of plants, and a really neat light fixture (I added a photo below!). 

The rest of the day was spent walking around – we went all the way from Chinatown to Stanley Park – we covered a lot of ground in an afternoon! On our way we took many film photos to document it and to try new techniques we learned on YouTube. The walk included a stop at Lucky’s Doughnuts and Parallel 49 Coffee – we picked up a sprinkle doughnut and an earl grey flavoured one. 

It was a great day to wander around Vancouver and try out new photography techniques…we will share those photos once they get developed!! 

Coffee from Nelson the Seagull Cafe
Chinatown in Vancouver

Lighting in the Birds and the Beets
Tasty lunch from the Birds and the Beets
Afternoon snacks!

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