Where in the World is Susan?

Around 12 years ago, a friend bought me a TINY plastic rubber chicken as a souvenir from Newfoundland. I proudly displayed that chicken on the windowsill beside my bed and then in summer 2019 I brought it with me when I went to visit Nathan on Vancouver Island. We named her Susan and made her an instagram page – she was a MAJOR hit among friends and family… everyone wanted a picture or post with Susan. Susan went on many adventures that summer and into the fall. In January 2020 after Susan completed a road trip from Huntsville, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia (stopping in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, Fredericton, etc.), a day trip to Lunenburg proved too much for that plucky little chicken. Susan sadly fell out of the car and was forgotten in the gutter on that grey January day – we searched everywhere, but no luck. We had hoped she would be around when I went on exchange to Australia and go on many further travels, but alas Susan’s adventures came to an abrupt end.

However, a real plot twist occurred on Friday evening. My dad was in town so we went for some Dosas @dosafactoryvan (definitely the best dosas in town!) followed by a donut from Duffin’s Donuts @duffins_donuts (11/10 would suggest going there for the food and the ambiance). The store was a little hectic, with COVID precaution stickers everywhere but yet in no exact order?! And display cases FULL of fresh donuts at 10pm – so of course we ordered six of the best looking ones. We all had a donut in the car and had three left over…a late night snack or breakfast treat perhaps? We dropped my dad off before we went home. When we got home, I thought I ought to try the other flavours we bought…. however, when I opened the box I was shocked to discover more than the delicious donuts I was expecting! There, lying next to the old-fashioned glazed, was a tiny plastic rubber chicken… SUSAN IS THAT YOU?! I stared at Nathan with my mouth agape. He stared back dumbfounded. We were both so surprised yet ecstatic that Susan had found her way back to us!

This afternoon Nathan called Duffin’s Donuts to ask if the rubber chicken in the box was a prize for something…the employees who answered the phone were most definitely confused, yet this probably wasn’t even the weirdest thing that happens there.

How that chicken got in the box is a mystery, but not one that needs to be solved – if a plastic chicken that got lost in Lunenburg can find her way to North Vancouver, then anything can happen! Anywho, happy to say that we are glad Susan is back and that everyone should follow the instagram page @whereintheworldissusan.

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