Saturday, February 13: Afternoon Photo Taking!

Saturday started off with LOTS of snow and brunch at BLVD Bistro with Nathan and Sanesh – a great Eggs Benny with a salad (tossed in a great vinaigrette). After brunch we met up with some friends, Kelsey and Justin – COVID safe of course – at Lonsdale Quay for a day of photo-taking.

Our first stop was Kerrisdale Cameras on Lonsdale to grab some film before we started the day of photo-taking. We headed to the Capilano Dam to take pictures of the snow, the reservoir, and the dam. It looked absolutely beautiful. Then we walked down to the hatchery in the snow…there was lots of slipping because of the lack of grip on all of our Blundstones…

Nathan showed Justin how to use the medium-format film camera – it was a cute picture moment, which Kelsey did happen to capture on her Canon film camera! We continued to take pictures of all the snow before heading to the base of Grouse Mountain. We took some neat photos of the gondola going into the fog – it looked extremely cool! While photos were being taken, Justin was calling the crows (surprisingly one flew over!!).

The final stop was the Crab Shop where we all got something to eat for lunch. Some really great seafood…I got fish tacos and some calamari, 10/10 would recommend. We brought lunch home and Justin took the last of the medium-format photos.

Stay tuned for the developed photos! We will definitely share.

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