Next Adventure!

This year of online school has had its highs and lows. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that this type of learning is not for us…which is lucky for us because after Saturday we’re both completed our undergrad degrees! Part of getting through this past winter semester was planning for the upcoming summer and fall. Which for me (Sarah) was finding myself a job and place to live in Tofino.

Finding a job was not difficult but finding a job with housing most definitely was, and it was time consuming. Although it was time consuming, it was a welcomed distraction from school. I applied to endless jobs hoping someone wanted to hire me…I even considered sending emails that said “pls hire me, I promise I will work good!”. Eventually I got offered a serving job which seemed like a great fit for me, but I needed to find housing which is pretty much non-existent. I was not having any leads with housing and when I did they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. I was starting to give up hope so I went on Indeed and applied to every job there was in British Columbia and Alberta.

Around the beginning of March I got offered, and temporarily accepted a job at a resort on Vancouver Island to satisfy the unease about my summer plans. However, I couldn’t get rid of the dream of living in Tofino out of my head so I continued to apply to jobs and look for housing. One morning when we were on the ferry to Nanaimo, I saw a posting for a job at Cox Bay Beach Resort with staff accommodation – the resort was beautiful, the job description sounded perfect, and there was a place to live! So Nathan and I worked on my cover letter to make it perfect before sending it off. I was so excited about it that I continued to refresh my email on my phone all week. I even turned on email notifications…

Long story short, I interviewed for the job, got offered the job, and I accepted the job for end of May 2021 with no set end date in the near future! So for next adventures, you’ll find me in Tofino all summer where I’ll be learning to surf, drinking coffee, reading so many books, hanging out, and working. I am looking forward to this opportunity because I have spent so much time dedicated to school over the last 4 years that it will be neat to reinvent myself and my interests. Nathan will be joining me in the fall (date undecided) so we can hang out together, but until then he will be guiding all summer (hanging out with me in his free time hehe).

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