5 Days at Lasqueti!

An adventure with Nathan and I always seems to have more than one obstacle. This trip to Lasqueti was no different. This trip however, my sister Jamie and her boyfriend Colin came as well.

We started our trip with a 4:30am wake-up to make it onto the first ferry to Nanaimo, where we enjoyed a nice ferry breakfast. Jamie’s breakfast sandwich had about 10 pieces of crispy bacon and unmelted cheese – she thought it was great. While on the ferry, Nathan checked the ‘Lasqueti Mailing List’ to see if there was any important information or fun stories. Thankfully he checked it because there was some VERY IMPORTANT information in it…the information being that there was NO ferry to Lasqueti that day! So once we arrived in Nanaimo we got some coffee and brainstormed how we were going to make it to Lasqueti. Nathan texted everyone he could contact about a water taxi, and he was successful! Our water taxi was good fun – we had to sit on the edge of the zodiac boat, which made Jamie and I feel like we were going to fly off of it, so we sat on the bottom of the boat. However, sitting on the bottom of the zodiac proved to be more uncomfortable. Every time the boat went over a wave we would smack down on the bottom … a quick fix included sitting on a lifejacket.

Once at Lasqueti, the obstacles continued – the hood of the truck would not open whatsoever, even when Nathan jumped on it. Nathan and Colin wedged sticks into the hood and tried to grab at the latch, but no luck. Thankfully, a nice couple stopped to help us open it. Nathan borrowed their hammer and tore away the grill from the front of the truck so he could access the latch which wasn’t releasing. Removing the grill worked, however, the next challenge was that the battery was DEAD. The nice couple jumped the truck’s battery so we could get to the cabin.

Once at the cabin, it was relaxing and serene. We were lucky that all 5 days were sunny and warm. We spent the days reading, cooking, eating, sitting in the hot tub, exploring, and playing games.

Here are some photos of the food we made when we were at Lasqueti:

A key takeaway from our meals: kale makes everything better!

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