Top Things to do in Port Alberni

We have driven through Port Alberni numerous times in the last year or so, and as a tradition we stop at Burde Beans Coffee Shop while we pass through for our caffeinated needs! But on my way to move to Tofino, I stayed in Port Alberni for 2 nights with my sister, where we have found some of the top things to do in the town.

  1. Burde Beans Coffee Shop – not only do they have great coffee and are open late, BUT they sell some pretty great stickers (alien looking). They also have a pretty great logo which you can stand with for a funny photo-op.
  2. The Donut Shop – they claim that they are the “Best Donuts on Vancouver Island” and I can confirm that they’re pretty great. They are more of a cake donut rather than a yeast donut though! We bought a 1/2 dozen: chocolate peanut butter cup, cinnamon sugar, maple bacon, chocolate dipped, chocolate walnut, and vanilla sprinkle – my favourite was the maple bacon!
  3. Twin City Brewing – they have GREAT beer and pizza! I got the ‘Swedish Gymnast’ which is a light blonde ale with a little bit of hops, and I paired it with their ‘Wurst Day of my Life‘ pizza. The pizza had sausage, caramelized onions, parsley, and beer cheese sauce. Jamie got a pizza rendition of East Coast garlic fingers with donair sauce, and an IPA.
  4. Hole in the Wall – a really cool natural feature! A short 15 minute walk into the forest, across from the Coombs Candy Store. It is a quick stop but totally worth it (pictures below)!

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