What should you do in Tofino?

Tofino is a little town at the western terminus of Highway 4 on the tip of the Esowista peninsula. It attracts tourists from all over the world and is loved by many. Although Tofino is quite small and quaint, with a population of only 1,900 people – it attracts surfers, outdoor enthusiasts, food lovers, and more.

Having visited Tofino two times before moving here, I have yet to run out of things to do! I have compiled a list of some of the things I think you shouldn’t miss when you visit Tofino.

  1. SURF! Some of the best beaches are located around Tofino which provide a great location for those learning to surf or those who are already know what they’re doing. Each beach looks a little different but all are beautiful. There are a few different surf shops in town which will rent you a wetsuit and a board (most will also do lessons if you book in advance) – all are great! I would definitely suggest surfing if you are coming to Tofino.
  2. CANSO Bomber Crash Hike. This hike takes you to the site of a Royal Canadian Air Force CANSO 11007 that crashed after it took off in the 1940s. It is pretty well preserved but some graffiti has been added to the body of the plane. This hike is MUDDY but for some sections there is a wooden boardwalk – I would recommend wearing rubber boots!
  3. Cox Bay Lookout Trail. This is another muddy trail but provides GREAT views of Cox Bay Beach from the top that you cannot get anywhere else. This trail is accessible at the end of the beach towards Surf Grove campground, where you will look for a well-used foot path in the mud. You will NEED rubber boots for this … I tried to do it in TEVAs once and had to turn around shortly after I started.
  4. Chocolate Tofino. This place has amazing gelato, that is all. Make sure you get the lavender-honey or the salted caramel …. or better yet, get one scoop with 1/2 lavender-honey and 1/2 salted caramel.
  5. Tofino Brewing Company. Tofino is home to its own brewery, which has pretty good beer. The brewery has great vibes, great music, and a cool interior. I would recommend trying the Wonders of Nature Sour or the Blonde Ale.
  6. Wildside Grill. This local restaurant has great seafood, and it is all caught locally by the fishermen who also own the restaurant. It is located in the Live to Surf Junction, next to Chocolate Tofino. They have great seafood chowder and cod tacos. They also have a second location at Pacific Sands called Surfside Grill (which is located on Cox Bay Beach).

These are only a few of some things to do in Tofino! There are way more options, which maybe I will continue to write about in a later post.

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