A Quick Trip to Victoria

This past week we travelled down to Victoria to see a concert – something I haven’t done since summer 2019 (pre-COVID). We went to see the Bahamas at the Royal Mcpherson Theatre downtown. The concert was sold out and the theatre was packed…it felt rather normal (minus the fact we had to wear a mask for the entire show). Although this was a three day trip to Victoria, we managed to squeeze in quite a few things. This trip included:

  • Traffic on the Malahat Highway. This may not sound like a highlight, but let me tell you, we sat in the car for THREE HOURS and barely moved. The damage from the extreme rain caused part of the Malahat to collapse (yikes). We were able to watch 3 episodes of New Girl and eat an entire bag of Smartfood while stopped.
  • The Bahamas. As aforementioned, the reason we went down to Vitoria to begin with was to see the Bahamas in concert. It was absolutely amazing – as always. This was the third time I have seen them in concert, and I can honestly say that they get better every time. I would see the Bahamas again in a heartbeat.
  • The Pink Bicycle Restaurant. They have fantastic burgers, fantastic truffle fries, and fantastic poutine. Not much else to say.
  • Little June Coffee Shop. This coffee shop had great seating, different seating options (couches, chairs, bar stools, normal tables, outside tables), and one of the best lattes I have ever sipped. There are few things I love more than a well-made latte and Little June made me a beautiful latte. The coffee itself was not bitter (they must clean their machines well), wasn’t too foamy, the foam was integrated well into the coffee, they used a proper latte cup, and they made some great latte art. If I lived anywhere near this coffee shop, I would probably go way too often…good job Little June.
  • Value Village. There are no thrift stores in Tofino, which makes going to bigger ones in Victoria lots of fun. We were in Value Village for about an hour looking through all the shelves and racks. We found some great green stone knobs for the drawers in the van, and I found a great vintage MEC fleece (which I plan to fix up a bit).
  • Visit with Tof Friends. On our way out of Victoria we met up with some of my friends I had made this summer in Tofino. I hadn’t seen them since August so it was nice to catch up over a coffee from Bear and Joey.
  • Sombrio Beach. On the drive back to Tofino, to try and avoid some of the congestion on the Malahat, we drove up via the Port Renfrew way. We stopped in at Sombrio Beach to go for a little walk. The beach was so moody and the sand was just small pebbles and shells. We found quite a few good rocks which came back in the car with us. Definitely want to go back and surf there one time!

It was an eventful three days and we definitely packed a lot into it, but that is always the way it goes when we are trying to run a bunch of errands in a short amount of time. It was quite nice to return to the quietness and slowness of Tofino after being in a city.

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