Quick Updates!

I had been on a really good roll of writing blog posts and then uploading them, but then life got kinda busy and I didn’t write a thing. Even though I wasn’t physically writing stuff down, I kept thinking to myself that I needed to get back into it. I even brainstormed a list of different topics I could write about. So I thought I would post some updates of what has been keeping me busy recently (not something that was on the brainstormed list).

  • Volunteering! I have been volunteering with two different organizations to see if they are something I’m interested in pursuing career-wise. I have been volunteering with Surfrider Pacific Rim on their Ocean Friendly Business campaign where I work with two local businesses to help them achieve their ocean friendly business certification. I have also been volunteering as a content writer for an Sustainability Lifestyle Blog. Both have been keeping me busy!
  • Seeing friends! We had a couple good friends come visit us two weekends in a row. We did a bunch of surfing, drinking beer, eating, and walking in the rain.
  • Surfing!! Nathan and I share one of the same days off together (Mondays), which we try to get out surfing with each other. We also both separately surf on our days off that we don’t share. Surfing tires you out so I often lack the motivation/energy to write a blog post in the same day.
  • Running! I have been trying to get back into a good rhythm of running frequently. I find it challenging to get myself out for a run some days but once I am out, I definitely don’t regret it. I am finally back up to running 6km comfortably and at a good pace – woohoo!
  • Working on my resume. I have been working on my resume as I am searching for a job in Haida Gwaii for July-September 2022 after our field school. I’ve applied for one job so far – wish me luck!
  • Planning an EPIC trip to South America! This is something that I’ve been doing in my spare time as well – I have maps printed off of the route we will go, what to do in each country, and modes of transportation. We are planning to backpack South America for 3-4 months, starting in Peru and going all the way to Argentina (we’ll see how much funds we have for the whole thing). But this is something I have been having a lot of fun planning.

It has been a pretty busy last couple of weeks which have FLOWN by…how is it almost already the middle of December?!?!? Crazy. It’s also hard to believe that I’ve been in Tofino for almost 7 months now. Anywho, I am going to try and be more diligent with posts – to keep myself accountable and work on my writing.

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