2021 Reflection

As 2021 comes to an end, and we head into 2022, I have been reflecting on some of the big things that have happened over the last 12 months. I think it is easy to paint the whole year as bad and just another year of a global pandemic, but it is important to acknowledge all the successes and triumphs which also occurred.

I know for myself, the winter semester (4 months) of my final year of my undergrad was lonely, stressful, and at most times miserable. Then I had the most underwhelming university graduation, which included just my name quickly passing on the screen (which I didn’t even watch because I was at work). My 2-month field school in Haida Gwaii got cancelled and rescheduled to 2022. And to top it all off, my summer of working in Tofino was really busy and included a lot of grumpy, unhappy, pandemic-tired visitors.

However, with all that being said, I also had some really big milestones that happened this year and I think it’s important to also acknowledge. Here are some of the biggest accomplishments and successes I had in 2021:

  1. GRADUATED UNIVERSITY! Yes, the second semester of online school SUCKED and I did NOT enjoy it, but I did it. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts double major in Environmental Sustainability, and Sociology. Through my final year, I also completed an RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate, and produced a pretty great Capstone project.
  2. Moved to Tofino!! I made the decision in early 2021 that I wanted to move to Tofino in the summer, and so I applied to EVERY single job posting in the area to make it happen. I wasn’t really fussed on what job I got, just as long as it meant I could be here – and I made that happen. I have been here for almost 7 months now, and I am so happy I moved here.
  3. Bought my first car! We got a 2009 Subaru Impreza hatchback with a whole lot of quirks. The car may be shared between Nathan and I, but this is the first time I have been responsible to maintain a vehicle, pay the insurance, and fix it when it breaks. Biggest thing I’ve taken away from this is that cars cost you money, they always break, and gas is suuuper expensive.
  4. Bought a van! Again, this is a vehicle that is shared between Nathan and I, but we had been talking about this for a while. We won’t be living in the van full time until Spring 2022, so until then it is a place we can have a little fire in the woodstove and watch a movie.
  5. Learned to Surf. I don’t surf nearly as much as I thought I would or as much as I’d want to, but I have surfed enough times now that I can stand up and ride a wave at least three or four times each time I go out. This is a HUGE improvement from when I started and was getting tossed around by the waves in the white wash.
  6. Traveled around Vancouver Island. It’s been since Winter 2020 that I have travelled internationally – which for me in the years before the pandemic, was quite a long time! So Nathan and I went on a bunch of mini adventures and travelled in/on Vancouver Island. Some of these adventures included: a 5-day sea-kayak trip around Vargas Island with friends, going to Bamfield, Port Renfrew, Salt Spring Island, Lasqueti Island, 5040 Peak and Cowichan Lake.
  7. Met so many great people. As the last two years have been rather isolating and lonely because of gathering restrictions and a global pandemic, this past 7 months of living in a huge staff accommodation and constantly meeting new people was much welcomed. I was happy to know that I hadn’t lost any of my social skills (lol)!! I have met some really great friends in the last year, and I am really grateful for that.

Sometimes I find it quite hard to believe that all of these things happened in 2021. This year has both dragged on and flown by, but I wouldn’t change any of the things that happened this year. I am excited to see what the rest of 2021 brings (in the last 2 or so weeks), and what the New Year will bring. Going into 2022, I definitely want to get better at goal setting, journaling, and creating more of a niche for this blog going forward.

See ya 2021!

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