Big Tree Trail, Meares Island

If you’re in Tofino, B.C. and looking for a fun day-trip, I would recommend the Big Tree Trail on Meares Island. The trail is located a short 10-minute water taxi away on Meares Island (one of the many islands that surround Tofino). The island is located in the Clayoquot region and is where the main village of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations is located, Opitsat.

We booked our water taxi through Ocean Outfitters, a local tour company that is entirely carbon neutral! The cost of the water taxi was $30/per person round trip. We booked the tour the day-of, and it was a seamless process. You go into the storefront, sign the electronic waiver, they give you a lifejacket, and then you get onto the boat to head to the trailhead.

The Big Tree Trail is not a long walk (~3km), but winds you through a forest full of GIANT trees. The biggest tree you see is: The Tree of Life, a huge cedar that has a 18.3 meter circumference and is 47 metres tall. The entire time we were walking, we were amazed with the forest around us. To make it even more magical, it was snowing the entire time we walked – covering the forest in a beautiful white blanket …but it did make it super slippery.

Even when we took our time walking, we were still back early for our water taxi to Tofino, so we found some really cool swings near the trailhead. We swung on them while we waited for our water taxi back.

This was an inexpensive way to experience a different part of Tofino I had never visited. I would recommend this day-trip to everyone!

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  1. […] The Big Tree Trail. Located on Meares Island, and accessible by a sea kayak or water taxi, this trail hosts some of the most impressive trees you will ever see! Some trees on this trail are 1000+ years old and still growing. The trail itself is rather short and easy, but make sure to take your time walking to admire these ancient trees. (see my blog post review of this trail here). […]


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