Highlights of our Quick Trip to Victoria

We took another quick trip to Victoria this past week – less than 16 hours – and yet it was a very eventful 16 hours. We went for a quick surf on Monday morning before heading out, and then drove slowly on some very snowy roads to Port Alberni and then it was smooth sailing to the city. Here are some of the highlights of our eventful trip:

  1. Our car was smushed. Because of the icy roads in Victoria, a city that is not prepared to deal with winter weather, a delivery truck slid down the hill that we were parked on and right into the back of our Subaru. We came outside in the morning to find the front tire of our car on the curb and a little yellow note on the front dash window. The delivery truck had run into the Subaru Outback behind us and messed it up a bunch, before sliding into our bumper (causing the tail light to fall off and break) – clearly not a good morning for Subaru owners….
  2. Our entire experience at the Dairy Queen on Douglas Street. This was the strangest experience I have ever had at a Dairy Queen (and I’ve had a few). First, we walked in and were looking at the menu for about 2 minutes before someone immediately cut us in line. Then there was a teenager working the cash and making the blizzards because his coworker was too busy standing in front of the pop-machine playing solitaire to help him out. Then when she realized that everyone was staring at her playing on her phone and not doing any work, she squatted down to continue playing her solitaire out of everyone’s view. It took the boy about 15 minutes to make 3 blizzards and when they were ready he made eye contact with Jamie and proceeded to hold out 3 blizzards to her two hands and watched her struggle to pick them all up. It was by far the strangest but funniest DQ experience I have had!
  3. Found a new coffee shop in Port Alberni! When you’re driving into Port, there is a coffee shop called: The Riverbend Cafe & General Store. They are open longer than most other coffee shops in Port Alberni, and serve Fernwood coffee. I had a fantastic latte from here and will definitely be back next time we drive through Port Alberni.
  4. Ordered $150 worth of sushi. When my parents bought the condo in Victoria, the real estate agent gifted them a $50 gift card to DoorDash, which we used the other night for dinner. We ordered an obscene amount of sushi which ended up being $150 before the gift card and a random 50% promotion. We ordered it from Sushi-K and it was pretty tasty. We ordered this thing called a ‘monkey brain’ which was half an avocado, spicy tuna, and crab meat, deep-friend and then cut into quarters.
  5. Went back to Little June Cafe. I just love this place so much that I felt it was necessary to add as a highlight of our trip 🙂
  6. Got bagels from Mount Royal Bagel Factory. I also just really love the bagels from here and they are such a treat when we get to stop in!

It is never a dull moment when we go somewhere or do something – there always seems to be some hiccups, which always make for good stories!

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