The Riverbend Cafe & General Store

When we pass through Port Alberni, usually we stop at Burde’s Beans for a coffee! Sadly, Burde’s Beans recently changed their hours of operation which means we often pass through when they are closed. However, we still want a latte after we finish the Tofino to Port Alberni drive as a little pick me up, so it was important that we find a new coffee shop to visit. Luckily for us, a new cafe recently opened on the main road into Port Alberni!

As you drive into Port Alberni, along the River (on River Road) there is a cute little cafe called, The Riverbend Cafe & General Store. Inside they sell Fernwood Roastery Coffee and espresso drinks, fresh snacks and pastries from Wildflower Bakery, frozen pre-made meals (ziti, soups, lasagna, etc), and local handmade artisan goods.

The Riverbend Cafe & General Store is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily – which always guarantee an afternoon latte when we arrive. They will even put your coffee in your reusable mug (which is hard to find these days with COVID precautions). Another bonus, which I think is great, is a stamp card, which gets you a stamp every time you purchase a coffee. Buy nine, get the tenth free!! The barista gave us two extra stamps on our first visit just because! The baristas at The Riverbend Cafe & General Store are also super kind, making it a really nice place to visit on our way through.

Also, not that you need any other reason to go, but the inside is super cute and has a really good vibe.

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