Remote Sauna Experience

This past week I got to go on a remote sauna experience with the Tofino Resort and Marina (TRM), as a complimentary opportunity for our front desk team at work. It was a really cool, private experience that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for something different to do in Tofino.

We started our afternoon at the Adventure Centre at TRM where we met our Guide for the excursion. We headed down to our boat for the trip over – it was a ~30 minute ride over to where the sauna is located in Clayoquot Sound. The sauna is nestled in a small bay near Virgin Falls. As the boat parked beside the large dock, our guide got out and stoked the fire in the sauna to heat it up, and then started a fire in the large fire-pit on the dock.

The sauna has an amazing view of snow capped mountains, and some of the less-intense rolling mountains that surround Tofino – the landscape is entirely undisturbed.

Because the sauna heats up to about 70 degrees, we were given little bamboo cups to sip water out of as they wouldn’t transfer or hold as much heat as our water bottles. Slowtide towels were placed in the sauna to warm up until we were ready to leave so they’d be comfortable when we stepped outside in the brisk air. We were also give big wool blankets from Anian (the same one that I gave Nathan for his birthday). Outside on the dock there were 4 paddle-boards to use in the bay, as well as two hammocks that were built into the dock and were in full sunlight.

I spent the afternoon in the sauna finishing my book, while taking intermittent breaks to cool down by standing outside in the sun and even jumping in the ocean twice. The water was VERY CHILLY as it was only about 8 degrees celsius – but it made the sauna quite enjoyable after.

We spent about 4 hours at the sauna, before heading back to Tofino. It was a great day, and it was a relaxing way to spend 4 hours without cell service in a serene environment. The guide explained that this is their alternative to Hot Springs Cove with the big difference is that this sauna is extremely private.

I would recommend this excursion to anyone looking to soak in the natural beauty of the environment that Clayoquot Sound has to offer. Check out the Tofino Resort and Marina website for more details of what this excursion has to offer!

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