The Coffee Shops of Tofino

Although Tofino is a small town, there are a quite a few coffee shops! I have a few favourites that I alternate between depending on what I’m looking for. In this post I am going to share my opinion on the Tofino coffee shops, keeping in mind I drink normal milk in my coffee so my opinions may differ from those who drink milk alternatives.

  • Tofino Coffee Roasting. As the name suggests, Tofino Coffee Roasting roasts their own coffee in their Tofino roastery on Industrial Way. The cafe offers only takeaway coffee and treats, but they accept reusable cups/mugs. The barista who is always there makes a fantastic latte – the perfect ratio of frothed milk and espresso, as well as she makes it the perfect temperature. Another thing I love about this coffee shop is that they feature a local potter (whose pieces are so beautiful) and wall art from Sea Woven. My preferred drink of choice from Tofino Coffee Roasting is a 16oz latte with an extra shot of espresso.
  • Rhino Coffee House. Located in downtown Tofino, Rhino Coffee House is easily spotted in the summer by the huge line queued down the sidewalk of Campbell Street. Similar to Tofino Coffee Roasting, Rhino roasts their own coffee in Tofino. They offer specialty espresso and tea drinks, inhouse made donuts, and breakfast sandwiches. Rhino is a great place to stop in for a breakfast treat and a drink. My favourites from Rhino include their cinnamon bun, maple bacon donut, the Ultimate Wrap, and a 12oz latte – not all at once though!
  • Tofitian Cafe. Located in the Live to Surf/Tacofino junction, Tofitian is a Tofino staple and often always has a line in the summer as well. It is a cute cafe with some outdoor seating (but no indoor), and will accept reusable mugs, as well as offer you a small discount for using them. Tofitian uses Fernwood coffee beans and bakes all their treats in house. My go-to order from Tofitian is a London Fog and a piece of their AMAZING vegan pumpkin loaf.
  • Beachside Provisions. Located in Hotel Zed, Beachside Provisions has espresso drinks and treats to go. They have a fun vibe where you can pick up food items you made need for a Tofino picnic. My go-to order here is the Gingerbread Latte.
  • The Sandbar Bistro. The Sandbar Bistro is located in Long Beach Lodge on Cox Bay Beach and is a small cafe with espresso drinks and some baked goods. I’ve only ever ordered coffee from here once when I was staying there but it was good!
  • Savary Island Pie Co. This cafe is located near the government docks in Tofino, facing the inlet and Meares Island. Contrary to the name, Savary Island Pie Co. (SIPCO) offers many espresso based drinks and other baked goods other than pie. As this cafe is a little out of the way, it can be a good place to escape the crazy lines of other places in town. They have some indoor seating, as well as some outdoor patio seating. You are able to enjoy your coffee in a ceramic mug looking out at the water. They have really good muffins and cinnamon buns!
  • Common Loaf. They are located in the town of Tofino and only accept cash as payment. Honestly, I haven’t been many times as the first time I went the coffee and baked goods were okay. Other than the building being really quaint and quirky looking and it being a local favourite, I am not a huge fan of this cafe.
  • Shed. Shed is a restaurant in town specializing in burgers and food that is good for sharing, however, they do make a pretty great latte AND they serve it in a proper latte cup! It’s my go-to place if it’s later in the afternoon and all the other coffee-specific-shops have closed.

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