Best Walks/Hikes in Tofino

Looking to spend the day outside in Tofino but don’t want to surf? Well, Tofino has lots of great walking trails that will keep your days occupied.

  • The Tonquin Trail. This is an easy 3km trail along the coast. The trail is easily accessed from the town of Tofino and takes you through the rainforest in Tofino. Along the trail there are a few lookout points where you can see the vast ocean and maybe some wildlife!
  • The Rainforest Trail. Located in Pacific Rim National Park, this trail has 2 sections (each of which are about 2 kilometres) which follow a wooded boardwalk through the dense, lush rainforests of the pacific northwest. On this trail you will see some HUGE trees that you can stand near for a photo-op or just bask in their greatness.
  • The Big Tree Trail. Located on Meares Island, and accessible by a sea kayak or water taxi, this trail hosts some of the most impressive trees you will ever see! Some trees on this trail are 1000+ years old and still growing. The trail itself is rather short and easy, but make sure to take your time walking to admire these ancient trees. (see my blog post review of this trail here).
  • CANSO bomber plane crash. This 5km hike in Pacific Rim National Park winds through the lush rainforest of the area and a protected bog to the site of a Royal Canadian Air Forces Canso 11007 which crashed shortly after it took off in the 1940s. Everyone on the plane lived when it crashed, but the plane itself is rather crushed now. The plane is now covered with grafitti and art, but you are able to explore within the wreck. Follow the multi-use pathway through the park until you see a well used foot path off to the right (about a 15 minute walk from the Radar Hill base parking lot).
  • Combers Beach. Also located in Pacific Rim National Park, this is a relatively short hike of 500 meter that is steep and takes you down to an impressive beach. Once down there you can walk endlessly on the beach!
  • Cox Bay Lookout Trail. This hike provides the best view you can get of Cox Bay Beach by foot. It is a steep 2.6km hike up and is found at the south end of the beach. It is a muddy scramble up to the top and is not well marked, you have to follow the footpath from past hikers. Rubber boots are highly recommended, as well as doing this trail in dryer months.

These are all great short hikes that can make for a full day of walking or just a quick activity during the day. I would advise to pay for parking in Pacific Rim National Park, as the park employees are on-it when it comes to ticketing those who haven’t paid for parking. All are pet-friendly so if you want to bring your furry friend with you, they’ll enjoy it just as much!

All of these are fantastic walks, but another great way to spend a morning or afternoon is to endlessly stroll the beaches between Tofino and Ucluelet.

If you have any suggestions of other walks in the Tofino area that I have forgotten or haven’t mentioned, comment them below!

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