Tofino Brewing Co and Toki Doki!

When I think of Tofino the first thing that comes to mind is surfing and ocean. However, if the weather is stormy and the waves are big, you might not want to be out in the water. With this being said, you have to find different ways to spend your time in Tofino. A good way of spending your day is to bike to the local brewery, hang out with friends, and eat some tasty snacks.

The Tofino Brewing Co. is located just outside of the downtown area of Tofino on Industrial Way. The brewery itself is in a warehouse-esque building with cement and wood accents but has a very cozy-welcoming vibe to it. The staff who work at the brewery are really nice and make the atmosphere a fun place to be. There is surprisingly a lot of seating both indoors and outdoors – with heaters and blankets if you’re cold outside. Most of the outdoor seating is also covered which allows you to sit outside even when it hasn’t stopped raining in days. Not only is it a nice place to hangout, but the beer is also quite tasty! My favourites are the Wonders of Nature Sour or the Blonde Ale – both super easy to drink. If you’re looking for a cool Tofino souvenir, then this is also a great place to get one!

The only thing that the brewery was missing (until recently) was some sort of food option. Because it is located a little bit out of town, most of the food options aren’t very close when you’re at the brewery. However, recently, a food truck opened in the parked airstream outside of the brewery. This food truck is called, Toki Doki, and it is soooooo good! I would probably eat here everyday if it wouldn’t drain my bank account. They have a small menu but everything we’ve tried on the menu has been great. My go-to snack from Toki Doki is the prawn okonomiyaki – a savory, saucy cabbage, and carrot pancake – SO GOOD.

The main gist of this post is that these are two of my favourite places in Tofino and they go realllllyyyyy well together. I plan to visit a few more times before we move from Tofino in a few weeks! I highly recommend you go visit the brewery this week and get a snack from Toki Doki while you’re at it!

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