Biking Day Trip to Sandspit, Haida Gwaii

Over the last week, we did a lot of exploring our area by bike. One bike trip we did was from Queen Charlotte City to Sandspit – it was a long, tiring day but we saw so many cool things along the way. Queen Charlotte City is located on Graham Island in Haida Gwaii, and Sandspit is located on Moresby Island so a ferry ride was required!

We started the day biking 5ish kilometres to the BC ferries terminal to buy our ferry ticket – it was only $10 return! The ferry is for both cars and pedestrians so we walked on with our bikes, and stood outside to see the beautiful view that you get from the water. The ferry ride was about 20 minutes before we docked on Moresby Island.

Nathan and I’s bikes on the ferry

Once off the ferry, the bike ride into Sandspit is about 14 kilometres. We took our time riding into town – the roads were nicely paved and there was hardly any traffic. It would be a great ride for a road-bike! Along the road in the forest, we did see a pretty big black bear just hanging out…I found this a bit scary so I biked a little faster for a couple hundred meters!

We biked all the way to the airport in Sandspit, which is at the end of the road and near the Spit on the island. We had a little snack picnic outside of the airport before going to the grocery store to get some lunch. If you’re ever at the Valu-Mart in Sandspit, they have pretty good mini pizzas that they make for lunch!

After lunch, we biked to the beach where we could walk to the spit. The beach was suuuuper windy but beautiful! We walked to the end of the spit…unfortunately it was pretty average…

The spit in Sandspit!

Once we left the beach we took our time biking back to the ferry. We stopped along the way at a few different spots. One stop was a lovely forest walk to some really big trees and a tranquil river. Another stop was a short walk up to a viewing platform where you can see whales when they are swimming past. We made a quick stop at the salmon hatchery as well to see if we could see any small fish – we did!!

One of our stops on the bike-ride back

After all of our stops we were exhausted, so we went back to the ferry terminal to wait for our boat back. The ferry back is also about 20-minutes. When we got back on land again we biked 5ish kilometres back to Queen Charlotte City.

This was a great way to spend a day in Queen Charlotte City and Sandspit, while getting some fresh air! We had a long day but it was super rewarding and I felt like I saw a lot of things I wouldn’t have if I was in a car!

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  1. Wow this is great we are reading this out load at camp thunderbird it is reminding us all of the great adventures Nathan took us on thought LD and outpost-Andrew west


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