A Lot Can Happen in 4 Months!

I just sat down on the couch to check this blog, which is something I have done a few times in the last month, but each time I do, I don’t feel inspired to write anything…so I close the page and decide that I will write when I feel inspired to do so. When I opened the wordpress page, I was a little shocked that it has been FOUR MONTHS since I have last posted anything on Spicy Amigos. In the last four months, I completed a 2-month field school in Haida Gwaii, went on some amazing adventures in Haida Gwaii, moved to Victoria, started 2 jobs that I am really enjoying, and have started my journey towards becoming a pilot.

In February, Nathan and I went on a float plane tour of the Tofino area. This was one of the coolest things I have ever done, so much so that it inspired me to become a pilot. I kept thinking about how it was one of the coolest things and how it would be cool if I could do that – then it dawned on me that I totally could. I have decided that over the next year I am going to get my private pilots license. After that, I plan to get my commercial pilots license, and then eventually become a float plane pilot.

My plan going forward will be to either transition this blog into one that follows my journey of becoming a pilot, or creating a new blog specifically for that, while taking a break from this one. Either way, I’m really excited for this next chapter!

One response to “A Lot Can Happen in 4 Months!”

  1. Certainly would love to read more posts like this !😍

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