About Us

We are a small team of very ‘talented’ photo-takers with a serious taste for yummy snacks and pretty hikes. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Sarah Steele

The Brains of the operation

Coffee-sipper supreme and dog-petter extraordinare! I love coffee, dogs, being outside, eating, xcountry skiing, and hiking! I love to be outdoors and exploring a new area! I have just completed a Bachelor of Arts double major in Environmental Sustainability, and Sociology this spring. I am keen to use this degree somehow in the future but am currently excited to spend the next little bit going on fun adventures, learning to surf, and living in Tofino!

Email me: s.steele18@yahoo.ca

Insta: @sarahsteeele

Linkedin: sarah-steele18

Nathan Slater

The handsome face of the operation

Passionate about exploring and sharing the outdoors with others. Nathan graduated from the Advanced Wilderness Leadership Program at Capilano University in 2014. Since then, he has spent his summers working with the YMCA/YWCA of Vancouver Island as a leadership counsellor and with the St Georges Senior School as an outdoor education instructor. Winters have been spent on professional development, travelling, and, recently, on attending Dalhousie University for Environmental Science and Urban Planning. His other interests include hiking, cycling, backcountry skiing, and cooking.

He is the current Director of Environment for Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia and the Co-President of the Dalhousie Kayak Society.

Email me: nathan.r.slater@gmail.com

Insta: @nateslate_

Linkedin: nathanrslater

Susan the Chicken

The real boss!

Susan is a world-traveling tiny rubber chicken famous through her instagram presence. She strives to bring joy to the world by travelling the globe through the mail service.

Her next globe-trotting journey is scheduled for 2021.

Insta: @whereintheworldissusan

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