These are the cameras we’re currently playing with

We’re clearly a bit obsessed…

Nikon AF N2020

This is Sarah’s main camera, it shoots 35mm film and has a built-in light meter and a 50mm lens.

“We hope the N2020 will make photography a much bigger part of your life.”

– Nikon Instruction Manual

Nikon F65

This is Nathan’s main camera. It also shoots 35 mm film and has a built-in light meter and autofocus.

This camera has no one, not two, but three lenses!

A 28-100 mm, f/3.5-5.6

A 50mm, f/1.8

A 70-300mm, f/4-5.6

“A camera that is sure to make photography a bigger part of your life.”

– Nikon Instruction Manual

Yashica Flex Model A-1

This is Nathan’s new baby! It’s recently returned from a trip to the camera repair store and it’s ready to rock.

“Say YASHICA! The cost is so little, you might as well have the best.”

– Yashica user manual

Minolta SR-7

This camera has been giving us grief recently… Hopefully we’ll have it up and running soon.

“You now own one of the finest cameras in the world. The precision elements contained within it are more than adequate to meet any photographic situation on a professional level.”

– Minolta Owner’s Manual

Canon FTb

Fully manual and in pristine condition, this is a hand-me-down from Jay Slater and has yet to see it’s first Spicy Amigos roll of film.

“The Canon FTb: a wise choice that promises you many delightful years of photographic experience.”

– Canon Instructions

Olympus Pen D3

Called the ‘Everyday Camera’, this little guy shoots half-frame images which means it can take up to 72 pictures on a single roll of 35mm film! It’s Sarah’s newest toy and is certainly going to lower the financial barrier to trying out some more experimental photography.

“I can’t find a slogan for this one…”

– Nathan Slater

iPhone 8

Let’s be real, as much as we love to shoot on film, sometimes the best camera for the job really is the one you happen to have on you at the moment!

This camera features a 12 MP sensor, f/1.8 aperture, 5X digital zoom, and optical image stabilization.

… also it’s always in my pocket…

“The world’s most popular camera gets even better.”

– Apple’s iPhone 8 webpage

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